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 AjuntaPall App

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PostSubject: AjuntaPall App   Sun Apr 26, 2015 9:07 am

* Your age : 30
* Time zone : central gmt +6
* Location :USA
* Languages : english
* Main Toon name : AjuntaPall
* Faction your applying for : AoL
* From how long are u a member of Massive Attack : 2 days so far
* Experience (game experience/staff experience ): i have been playing this game for mmm about 8 years since ep 4 on OS. i was staff there but for a short time due to inexperience i was let go. Strated playing pservers and became ADM of Reality and before that was GMA of TMOS after tmos was hacked i moved to SO and there i was GS for a while then latter offerd a GMA poss. i ve got great knowledge of the game and how to be a good staff member.
* Some other details about you ... and want to share with us: i love this game the concept of it and wish to be able to provide the help and support and trust the players need. Ive played it for many years and have been staff member of it for at least half that time. I enjoy ur server so far and see great potential. Hope that i can join the team and be part of that. I look forward to hearing from u and stuff Razz
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AjuntaPall App
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