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 Respect Staff Application

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PostSubject: Respect Staff Application   Wed May 06, 2015 10:10 am

* Your age : 25
* Time zone : Central American Time
* Location : USA
* Languages : English
* Main Toon name : DisRespect/Serena
* Faction your applying for : UoF
* From how long are u a member of Massive Attack : about 2 weeks
* Experience (game experience/staff experience ): Ive been playing shaiya for almost 10 years this october, i played the korean beta back in october 2005. Ive ran Numerous Servers my self along with being staff almost every where i go. Also during korean beta for Shaiya i was part of the dev team that helped with bugs , drops, excetra. I know my SQL, Database, and much more.
* Some other details about you ... and want to share with us:
Im no cheater nor will i ever be, i find bugs, glitches excetra and test them to report them and how to fix them. From there i aim to keep the game fair. I ike to see the game go far and be respected. And make it enjoyful for everyone.

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Respect Staff Application
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