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 Candidature GS Dark

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PostSubject: Candidature GS Dark   Wed Mar 25, 2015 4:12 pm

Hello Let me introduce myself IRL me it's Valentin18 years , im french , i speack french and english and little espagnol, I am currently training to be tennis instructor. IG my experience: I play a shaiya soon almost 7 years since I started on the official 4 years and then full of different deprive server, I perfectly know the game maps that'm spots xp for the bosses drop or otherwise, that light or dark am. i had several GS Tag on different server shaiya, and there is never any problem, behavior or other negative thing. I was once GM, and I've already develop a little on shaiya, created with a server locally on my computer (which never emerged ..) if not in terms of the characters i play all class for a while except healjai already play but heal battle "(I think you're crazy but in a good x) .. ^^ Why I want to become GS on the server: because everything symplement when I really like enormously a server and I really puts a lot of my temp, i envi of insvestir me to the maximum in order to make this one of the more pleasant lexperience game possible players of each faction .Pouvoir share with avies LADM on different things for the server, remove or add something to another already ca, after I would be GS to prevent disputes, conflicts, insults is necessary, and if this is the case that I can be there to calm things down. My eyes has a GS should be irreprocher at his behavior to show The example to other players. I would also be to help the GS adm to pass messages to the server or other, has organized pvp easier by sending a short message in chat all members, but above all DO REGNER the Order è_é .my availability in Game: I am a very active player when I really like the server, so I can be a little loan co 8am to 12pm in the day: x good I confessed I do a little geek .. jai nice schedule for my training I am really very !! motivate your staff to join! really! I hope I have convinced you and that my application will be retained, I really want me insvestir thoroughly in this server for optimal gaming experience for all players of both factions. thank you for reading has soon Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Candidature GS Dark   Fri Mar 27, 2015 4:49 pm

Good Luck buddy Wink
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Candidature GS Dark
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